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Music has been a great passion in my life since I was a teenager and this page explores the journey so far.

Psalm 23

A new version of Psalm 23 with a beautiful video by Lindsay Knight. The story develops through the video, so it's definitely worth watching to the end!

I was determined to use the whole Psalm, even though it is written in prose, rather than poetry, so it was a challenge to fit a rythmical structure to it. All instruments, music and recording are by me, with lovely harmony vocals by Amy Sampson.

Dont let me be Misunderstood

Another youtube video below, playing my own version of Nina Simones well-known song. Thats me on the right of the youtube picture below, with the red guitar (Ive still got it!), playing with my first band The Conrads in 1964.

Roger Smith produced the video, plays all the keyboards and the tenor saxaphone solo. He lived in the next street to me when we were kids and is in the middle of the picture below, with the saxaphone he still plays today. He has an excellent website about the UK music scene in the North East during the 1960's and 70's. Go to

One of Us

A big hit for Canadian Joan Osbourne in 1996 and one of my favourite songs. Roger Smith again plays all keyboards and brass parts (with a lovely baritone sax solo) and I sing and play all the rest.
Sorry, no video for this one.